Score of Intention

Duration: ongoing and now...

Participants: self, community, witnesses

Intention: fabricate bodily ritual, explore process, collaborate

Things: clay, cloth/fabric, body, bodies, sound, water, buckets, chalk, remains, time, residue of time,  poetry, folklore, totem

Actions: carry, sensational, walk, step, dance, gesture, exhaustion, wash, witness, hold space, ritual, procession, protest, endurance, labor, repetitive tasks, cleansing, clearing

Systems/Concepts: emotional/social labor, communication tasks, visibility, wicca, death, strength, partnership, reclamation, animalism, intimacy, consent, collaboration

Form: installation, performance, photography, video, interactions, happenings, guide, avowal

Shifts in the work: 

I notice themes of polarities: body and spirit, cerebral and corporal. Through my practice of making, I explore my expression of spirituality. I bring a contemporary vantage point to the sacred bodily experience and the labor of existing. Clay allows me to explore a symbiotic relationship that feels authentic to my complex experiences with the fragility of body, place, cycles, and form.

Desires in developing practice:

How can I have a spiritual practice/ritual with self generated resources?

What does authentic spiritual practice look like without external conditioning?

What is the role of the witness?

Where does an emotional experience go when the body can no longer hold it and what remains?

How can we include the body in processing?

Can strength and vulnerability coexist?